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Terms and Conditions


Congratulations on becoming a member of HIP JOYNT UNLIMITED, a Non-Profit Medical Cannabis Collective (“Collective”).  As a member of the Collective, you agree to comply with all terms and conditions in this document.  As a member of the Collective, you specifically authorize the Collective, through its members, to cultivate, transport and otherwise prepare cannabis for your medical use and benefit.  As part of your membership in the Collective, you acknowledge that it is illegal for collectives or individuals to profit from the sale or distribution of cannabis.

As a member of the Collective, you have voluntarily agreed to provide for the Collective’s own membership records a valid and verifiable California Physician’s Recommendation for the use of Medical Cannabis.

The following are the Collective’s Rules which must be abided by at all times:

  • You will not use the Collective’s cannabis for other than medical purposes;
  • You will not sell, furnish, or in any way distribute the Collective’s cannabis to non-members;
  • In the event your Physician’s Recommendation expires, is, you agree that you will immediately notify the Collective of this and will not, under any circumstances, attempt to obtain cannabis from the Collective without a current Physician’s Recommendation.
  • You will not leave your medical cannabis unattended in any place a minor or any other non-medical cannabis patient may have access to it.


The Collective further advises members who are detained and/or contacted by law enforcement for possession of the Collective’s cannabis to observe the following recommendations:When cannabis is in your possession, always carry a valid form of personal identification along with your California Medical Cannabis Program ID or a copy of your valid Physician’s Recommendation for the use of cannabis for medical purposes.

  1. If you are questioned by an officer/agent, identify yourself as a patient and furnish the law enforcement officer a form of valid identification and a copy of your Physician’s Recommendation.
  2. If the officer/agent questions you about the details of your membership, how you obtained your medicine or your use of cannabis, you should only disclose that you are a member of the Collective and that you receive your medicine from the Collective.
  3. You should stop answering any further questions at this point and immediately inform the officer that you do not wish to make any further statements about the cannabis and you do not consent to any search of your person, your property, or your vehicle. If you are detained, immediately state clearly and unequivocally that you will not make any statements to law enforcement without an attorney present and request immediate access to an attorney.

Cancellation and/or Removal From The Collective

You have the right to be removed from the Collective at any time.  Upon informing the Collective of your intent to no longer be a member, you will be removed as a member.  The Collective also expressly reserves the right to cancel your membership at any time, and for any reason, in its sole discretion.

For the safety and security of the Collective managers and members, any membership communications that need to be made concerning the Collective can be delivered in writing in a sealed envelope to its attorney, Melissa N. Sanchez who will deliver the communication to the relevant party.

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